Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adventures driving in the city...Ugh!

So I have learned quite a few things about driving in a city that differ from driving in most towns in Kansas. 1.) You must mapquest directions to and FROM your destination. The notion that you can just "do the reverse" to get home does not work! 2.) Mapquest does not always give you the correct directions! SO irritating! Case in point: My experiential learning class met at the Green Institute this evening so I go on mapquest to get directions, print off said directions, etc. According to these directions it would take me approximately 10 minutes to arrive at my destination. So, I leave at 6:05 (we were to be there at 6:30) allowing plenty of time for a wrong turn etc...50 minutes later (after following the directions explicitly) I decide to give up when I find 94E (the way back home). Shortly after gettting on 94E I see an exit for Hiawatha/55E (the exit I had been looking for) and easily find the Green Institute from there. Of course I was about 20 minutes late but at least I finally arrived. Of course getting back home was another story because there is no way to get back on 94E (you can get on 94W of course) from Hiawatha. Luckily my instructor gave me directions and then decided to lead me where I needed to be to get back on 94E. Ugh! Must it be so difficult?? If they ask my opinion, which they obviously did not, if you can get off...you should be able to get back on (see also point 1. above)! Grrr....Maybe I just need to invest in GPS. I'm sure my parents would feel safer then me calling them frantically that I'm lost in the Twin Cities. Ah well...my episodes getting lost are getting me better acquainted with the city...right???

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