Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back in Minnesota...

Returning home for the first time since I moved, I realized that I feel as though I have two separate lives now, one in Kansas and one in Minnesota. It was kind of a bizarre feeling. Although I loved spending time in my "old stomping grounds" I was VERY ready to return to Minnesota after my two week visit home. One of my guy friends in Manhattan noticed a change in me that I have also recognized during my time up here...I seem to be more independent and self-assured, and less shy or timid about things. These are changes that I feel have emerged as a result of me moving to a new city alone and being forced to be more self-sufficient and less shy in order to build a social network up here. I know that without the strong attachment I have to my family this would not have been possible. I am so thankful that my parents instilled in me strong roots, to keep me grounded in family and who I am, but also gave me wings and allowed me to be independent. Not all parents are capable or willing to "let go", so I am blessed that my parents have done so and been so supportive.

My first weekend back in the Twin Cities confirmed why I was so excited to return. I am truly blessed by the AMAZING people I have met in my first semester here. I have established friendships that I feel will last a lifetime. I went out dancing at the Imperial Room this weekend with my friends Amanda and Sophia and honestly had the most fun I've had in a LONG time. Which says a lot because I have had a blast every time I've gone out in Mpls. These two girls are very special and am I so glad that God brought them into my life. I also met some new people this weekend while I was out, some of them carrying a XY chromosome pair, which is exciting because I have really missed having guys to hang out with!

Although my life back home "fits," my life up here "fits" me too. I really love living the "city girl life" and am absolutely thriving here. I know this is where God intends me to be. Life really couldn't be much better....stay tuned on the whole "guy sweeping me off my feet thing"...but for now I am very content focusing on school, work and my girlfriends.


JMJanssen said...

Well, last I checked I had an XY pair.

rachel and matt said...

I love hearing about your city life :) Can't wait to come up there and experience it also. Miss you tons.